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Self-Packing support service

Along ith our Profesional packing Services, we offer Self-Packing support service. The upside of Self-Packing is that it gives you plenty of time to make a decision on what to sell and what to give away. Many people have done that. if you choose this option, we will provide you the necessary materials for packing. It includes boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, wardrobe cartons etc.

Used boxes from grocery stores or friends are not recommended. Packing boxes from the local supermarket make the job of the removal crew much harder, as the boxes will not stack well in the vehicle. Also that supermarket boxes just aren't sturdy enough to carry much weight. Our boxes are made from thicker cardboard that allows for heavier packing. Tips for Self Packing. Rate each box with our rating label give each box a star rating based on the priority. eg 1 star for low, 5 stars for high Wrap breakables use our wrapping towels to wrap around breakables. Donot label boxes ith expensive items

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How Essential is Essentials Box

What's an Essentials Box? It is called an essential box because it contains contains the most important things you use on a daily basis. It should be the last box you pack before you move out of your old home and the first box you open in the new house. You'll need to identify what you'll need for the first few days in your new home.

It should contain: Cell phones and chargers Laptops/tablets Credit cards and cash Phone and charger Headphones Toothbrush + toothpaste Soap Lotion Deodorant 1 pair of pants 1 skirt, shorts, or extra pair of pants 2 shirts Sweater and/or jacket 3 pairs of underwear 1 extra bra 2 pairs of socks Shampoo + conditioner (optional) 1 extra pair of shoes (optional)

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