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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this document is to outline the general procedures of PACK PLUS RELO.


Q 1: Why should I choose Pack Plus Relocation?

Answer: Pack Plus Relocation have a Well trained staff for packing, unpacking, loading, unloading and transportation. Pack Plus Relocation use quality packaging materials and containers which ensures the safety of the items that are being moved.

Q.3: How much time would a pre-move survey take at my home?

Answer: It might take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours depending upon the nature and the number of the items to be shifted.

Q.4: How do I know what I can and cannot take with me?

Answer: You don’t need to worry about that as our field officer would help you in this matter.

Q.5: Why do I need insurance if everything is packed professionally?

Answer: You must get your goods insured even when they are packed professionally as it would save you from any monetary loss in case the items are damaged or destroyed due to unforeseen reasons such as fire, accidents, sabotage, riots etc during the moving process.

Q.8: What type of containers will be used for transportation?

Answer: All The containers that we use are water proof and properly sealed.

Q.9: How long would packing and loading take?

Answer: The time required for packing and loading depends upon the number of items being moved. However, it usually takes more around 3 hours to pack and load the things of one bedroom.

Q.10: What is it that cannot be loaded on the vehicle?

Answer: The following Items will not be allowed to be loaded on the transportation vehicle:

  1. pets
  2. liquids
  3. inflammables

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